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Prince of Persia Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
The Story...
A Fight in the Dungeons
Watch out for the Snappers
The Search for your mirror image
Must jump before the door closes
An immortal warrior! What to do now?
In level 4 the backgrounds change
A mirror blocking the way
Found the sword!
The infamous fat guard in level 6
Should I take the blue one or the red one?
We only wanted an ear piercing.
Hey, That bottle is mine!
Killed by a guard...
Cutscene - The princess watches the hourglass slowly run out...
Level 4 - Out of the dungeon and into the palace.
Title Screen (EGA)
Thrown in the dungeon (EGA)
Title Screen (CGA)
Thrown in the dungeon (CGA)
Enter the second level
Crash & Dead
Dead again
Title screen (Hercules)
The princess awaits our return... (Hercules)
Starting our quest (Hercules)
Travelling left from our starting location... (Hercules)
...we find an essential item for our adventure, a sword (Hercules)
At the start of the game there are three story screens. The first says that Jaffar rules in the sultans absence, then there's a short cut scene followed by this screen