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Written by  :  Peter Foley (3)
Written on  :  Jun 08, 2004

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Crown Jewel of '93

The Good


The Bad

Unexpected, unintentional, no win, always die situations involving numerous Kilerathi.

The Bottom Line

This has to be my favorite game of all time. It also has to be the one game that I have tried to get to work despite compatibility issues the longest. As a matter of fact I stumbled onto this site looking for answers for that problem, and am working on that problem as we speak. That is how good this game is. You begin as a guy who just had his favorite gun stolen. Sounds pretty corny, right? Well, you have to get this gun back, and the twists and turns make it pretty sweet. This cake is topped off by spreading the icing of random missions that include anything from bounties to cargo missions... all of it highly risky of course. Pick your path, and pick your ship... it's all one and the same. Become a public enemy readily welcomed at pirate bases but earn a dire enemy in the military patrols... pick the life of an honest privateer, and submit to the scans, and fight off pirates, sometimes with the aid of a patrol or two. So, all I can say about this game is... may your retro hunting be bountiful.