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Project Paradise Credits (DOS)

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Project Paradise Credits


Graphics ProgrammingMartin Hoffesommer
ProgrammingKlaus Stenzel
Game DesignAdrian Maleska
Graphics / ArtworkAdrian Maleska, Matthes Straetmanns
Additional Graphics / ArtworkMichael Kolkau
Intro / Extro / CutscenesPalmer Jurk
Level DesignBjörn Heußner, Adrian Maleska, Sebastian Mathar, Peter Nowak
MusicMatthias Steinwachs
SoundAndreas Heitmann, Hartwig Schieck
TextsNorbert Beckers
Director (Soft Enterprises)Adrian Maleska
Directors (Ikarion)Norbert Beckers, Marc Oberhäuser
Playtesting DirectorWolfgang Merkens
Technical SupportFrank Kuypers
PlaytestingJörg Dahmen, Christian Krebeck, Frank Kuypers, Stefan Kuypers, Edith van de Laar, Wolfgang Merkens, Cornelius Nork, Peter Nowak, Marc Oberhäuser, Daniel Schreiber, Matthes Straetmanns
DocumentationNorbert Beckers
Manual IllustrationsAnnette Schulze-Kremer
Cover DesignFrederike Böckem, Matthes Straetmanns
MarketingEdith van de Laar
PREdith van de Laar
ReaderFritz Schäfer

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159138) and NGC 5194 (17612)