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The Prophecy Credits (DOS)

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The Prophecy Credits


Created byJoseph Kluytmans, Corinne Perrot
Graphics byRachid Chebli, Joseph Kluytmans, Pascal Pautrot
Programming [M.D.O.]Eric Audren, Philippe Lamarque, Eric Thommerot
MusicCharles Callet
Sound EffectsCharles Callet
VideoFrédéric Chauvelot
IllustrationThierry Ségur

The Sierra On-Line Team

International Project ManagerSabine Duvall
Brand ManagerMike Weizer
ProgrammingGary Kamigawachi, Sean Mooney
DocumentationVince Geraci, Gordon B. Owens
Quality AssuranceGordon B. Owens, Roger Pyle
Documentation DesignNathan Gams

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