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Protostar: War on the Frontier Credits

18 people


Game DesignVasken N. Sayre
WriterVasken N. Sayre
AnimationGary Cox, Deena Krutak, Vasken N. Sayre
Art DirectorJohn T. Shaw
Lead ProgrammingJohn Hamilton
ProgrammingMike Bowman, Eric Hart
Lead AnimatorW. Bryan Ellis
Music / Sound ProgrammingKen Allen
Quality AssuranceBryan Ackerman, Sol Ackerman, Ron Hinders, Becky Jarrett, Chris Jarrett, Pat Jarrett, Monica Longaker
PackagingGreg Steffen
Manual Illustrations/PhotosJohn Show
DocumentationVasken N. Sayre

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rantanplan (1825), -Chris (7575) and woods01 (163)