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Prototype Credits

18 people (14 developers, 4 thanks)


ProgramErik Pojar
GraphicMichael Sormann, Peter Baustädter
Cover ArtworkMichael Sormann, Peter Baustädter
MusicNEO Project, Hannes Seifert, Peter Melchart
Sound EffectsNEO Project, Hannes Seifert, Peter Melchart
Game DesignMichael Sormann, Niki Laber, Erik Pojar
CD-ROM RoutinesChristoph Soukup
Additional ProgrammingTobias Sicheritz
Special Thanks toKlaus Krall, Alexander Cech, Christoph Brunnmayr, Wolfgang Tengler
Game TestersVictor Metyko, Niki Galustian, Kaweh Kazemi
Produced byNEO Software Produktions GmbH
Published byMax-Design Computerspiele GmbH

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