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Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon Credits


Directed byRon Gilbert
Designed byLaurie Rose Bauman, Annie Fox, Ron Gilbert, Shelley M. Day
Written byLaurie Rose Bauman, Annie Fox
Programmed byTami Borowick, Bret Barrett, Dave Timoney, Peter Crayne
Background Art byDev Madan
Animation byAugie Pagan, Derek McCaughan, Brad Carlton, Edward Pun
Music Composed and Produced byGeorge Alistair Sanger (The Fat Man)
PianoFloyd Domino
Bass and OrganNick Connoly
DrumsDavid Sanger
Original Putt-Putt Melody byTom McMail
Audio EngineerThomas McGurk
Audio DirectorLaurie Rose Bauman
Voice Editing byMike McAuliffe
Sound Effects byDave Timoney
QA SupervisorKristina Sontag
Testing byBeau Folsom, Paul Rybicki, Matthew Medina, Day Evans, Brett Perkerwicz, Michael Barnes, Megan Folsom
System ProgrammingRon Gilbert, Brad P. Taylor, Aric Wilmunder
FeaturingJason Ellefson (as Putt-Putt)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Mr. Eight-Three-One (1581)