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Pyromania DOS Title screen.


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Pyromania Credits

10 people (1 developers, 9 thanks)


Game DesignChristoph Brzozowski (The Pixelmaster)
ProgrammingChristoph Brzozowski (The Pixelmaster)
GraphicsChristoph Brzozowski (The Pixelmaster)
SoundChristoph Brzozowski (The Pixelmaster)
Special ThanksJoachim Fenkes (Without your debuging help this game would probably never run), Adam Seychell (for the DOS32-extender), my parents, Carlos Lopez (The teleporter was a good idea), David Weiler, Tobias Blumtritt (The sirene makes me crazy...), Peter Schuh (Mathematics is a construcion), Alexander Poss (Booaaahh eeeyyy! Geeiiilll !), ...and to everyone who knows me and deserves it to be greeted...

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