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Pyrotechnica Ad Blurbs (DOS)

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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box:
    The year is 2112. Interplanetary research has found information capsules buried deep within the hearts of ancient stars. This discovery reveals knowledge from a long dead civilization that was left behind light years ago. Retrieving this data is big business. The Terran Hardlight Corporation pays Runners billions of Creds to excavate star cores. There is just one problem: Adherents. Hostile alien cyborgs that were programmed to defend this knowledge. At all costs. Without mercy...

    Now, a team of Wingmen Runners are pinned down in the Halls of Fire, near the center of the massive Red Star. The Corporation wants them out of there. And rescue rights go to the highest bidder. As a Bot Runner you specialize in this type of operation. In this daring search and rescue adventure, pilot your Pyrodactyl through spiraling tunnels and chambers. Rescue your comrades and take out enemy platforms before launching screeching missile runs against Adherent installations

    This pulse racing, top class blaster features explosive 3D Gouraud shaded graphics, nauseatingly fast, arcade action gameplay, and a thrashing techno soundtrack.

    Contributed by Will D (941) on Apr 04, 2000.