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Pyrotechnica Credits (DOS)

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Pyrotechnica Credits


Lead DesignSteven Cain, Colin Parrott
Design AssistanceScott Johnson, Kristian Ramsay-Jones
ProgrammingColin Parrott
Graphics / ArtworkJohn Guerin
MusicPC Music
Sound FXPC Music
Music ManagerPhilip Morris
Manual & Packaging DesignPeter Dyke
DocumentationHuw Thomas
German Localisation LeadClemens Wangerin
Quality AssuranceNevin Gaston, Lee O'Connor, Mark O'Connor, Paul Tweedle, John Walsh
French Manual TranslationManuela Biehler
French Manual Translation (Technical Part)Sabine Humeau (Smiley Face)
Public RelationsCatherine Jaymond (France), Mark Blewitt, Glen O'Connell
Product ManagerNadia Lawlor
ProducerSteven Cain
Concept ArtistHan Randhawa (Uncredited)

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