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The impressive mission pack for Quake that adds new features to the gameplay Katakis | 銈偪銈偣 (42875) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.7
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.0
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.0
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.3
Overall User Score (20 votes) 3.9

Critic Reviews

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Improves one of the best games ever by giving it a one-player adventure most games will never even get close to achieving.
Unglaublich, was die Designer noch alles aus Quake herausgekitzelt haben: Wesentlich gr枚脽ere und detailliertere Levels, neue Monster, neue Waffen. Lara Croft mu脽 nun ein Weilchen warten, jetzt wird erst mal wieder ausgiebig und n盲chtelang gequakt. Alex, Magnus und Martin haben nachts sogar mal unser Redaktionsnetzwerk in einem 4-Stunden-Kampf ausgiebig belastet. Da bekam ich schon beim Zuschauen vor Spannung feuchte Handfl盲chen.
Gameplay is typical Quake, but the enhancements and changes in this pack make it a lot more fun and satisfying. There are some sinister deathtraps in this mission, you need to think as quickly as you react. Tons of fun in all. My only complaints are that I really wish there were more levels (only about 15 single player levels and one Quakematch level) and more than one end boss. I miss the days when you got a boss creature at the end of each episode, not just one at the end of the entire mission. Maybe I just didn't want it to end. This is the game Quake SHOULD have been. Bottom Line: Level design is pure genius. Graphics improved over Quake. Fantastic new creatures, weapons, and powerups. Could have used more levels.
Game-Over! (May, 1997)
If you didn't like the original Quake, pick up a second-hand copy of the original game, buy this, and your opinion will be transformed. If you loved the original Quake, buy this anyway, it's a huge improvement.
Interactive's reluctance to totally overhaul a great game is to be commended. Instead, a little tweaking and tinkering has produced an even more terrifying experience that's certain to gladden the cold heart of any frag-meister. SCOURCE OF ARMAGON ups the ante on just about every aspect of QUAKE, particularly with its outstanding level design.
Game Players (May, 1997)
There are three new weapons to choose from, including proximity mines and Thor's war hammer. These add to the gameplay and prove extremely useful against the new enemies which consist of the likes of Gremlins and Centroids. If you are a fan of Quake, this mission pack offers even more of a great thing.
If you're a fan of Quake (and you must be if you've read this far) this is a must-have. It's a natural extension of the original and adds enough new levels, weapons, and enemies to keep you busy. Many of the levels have a few secrets that are a real bear to find. The quality of the level design is hard to find anywhere -- on the net or in the stores.
PC Zone (Aug 13, 2001)
The Rift guys responsible for this have really sat down and worked at it - the levels are superb. For example, the whole first episode (five levels) is set in the dingy, sci-fi SlipGate complex style of the original, with lots of Nukem-style 'blow up the reactor' and 'fight the water current' style conundrums. Then the whole pack goes off on one into the scary medieval stuff and culminates in a showdown with a very hard, very unpolite new end-of-level monster. You also get to deal with Centroids (metallic nail-firing scorpions), Gremlins (who steal your weapons and use them against you), and exploding puff ball things.
Gamezilla (Dec 13, 2000)
Put simply, Scourge of Armagon is to Quake as Doom 2 was to Doom. Mission Pack 1 : Scourge of Armagon adds a great deal of flexibility, refinement, and longevity to Quake and is an excellent addition to any Quaker's library. While playing through Armagon, I couldn't help but think -- "This is what Quake should have been." Not to put Quake down, this is a great step beyond the foundation laid by the original product. The additional levels, creatures, and items are excellent, but the levels are of very high quality and make for fun deathmatch and single-play alike. In the flood of Quake add-on packages that have come out in the past months, this is by far the best available. You can find Scourge of Armagon for about $25 at your local software store, which is quite a bargain. The original (registered) Quake is required to play this add-on, but for those that already own Quake and are ready for the next level, I highly recommend Scourge of Armagon.
Freak (Apr, 1997)
住讜祝 住讜祝 转讜住驻转 砖诇讘讬诐 诇-拽讜讜讬拽, 砖讘讗诪转 砖讜诪专转 注诇 讛专诪讛!
GameSpot (Mar 19, 1997)
This add-on comes highly recommended for anyone who just can't get enough of the original. With a cool new soundtrack and challenging levels, Scourge of Armagon is more of the same good thing. The only real drawback is the price, which is a bit higher than the other add-ons available - but if you're willing to shell out the cash, you will be sure to find Armagon an excellent addition.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Apr 02, 1997)
Al wie de originele Quake reeds moe gespeeld is, maar toch nog naar meer verlangt, zal aan deze datadisk geen slechte koop doen. Ik heb zo het gevoel dat deathmatch level 'The Edge of Oblivion' nog lang op onze netwerkserver zal blijven staan.
Reset (Jun, 1997)
MISSION PACK NO. 1 jest o wiele bardziej "taktyczny" od swego poprzednika, QUAKE. Tu recept膮 na prze偶ycie jest logiczne my艣lenie, zimna kalkulacja i rozs膮dek. Na wrog贸w, silniejszych, ni偶 w pierwszej cz臋艣ci, zastawia膰 mo偶na pu艂apki w postaci reaguj膮cych na ruch min. Znacz膮cej zmianie uleg艂a tak偶e muzyka, gdy偶 na miejsce Maestra Trenta Reznora wszed艂 niejaki Jeehun Hwang. Kompozycje Hwanga s膮 bardzo klimatyczne, jednak偶e trzeba powiedzie膰, 偶e daleko im od diaboliczno艣ci muzyki Reznora. S膮 znacznie bardziej stonowane i hmm... monumentalne!
A lame end-boss (apparently mailed in from Doom - get real close to it and you'll easily defeat it) keeps Scourge ending on a positive note. Outside of that, the only real criticism is one leveled at Quake itself. After the lush, organic environments of Tomb Raider, it's a bit depressing to find yourself in the rather austere and monochrome world of Quake. Scourge of Armagon adds a lot more visual interest, but the perception you can get from the game is that much of it is still spent in those endless monochrome tunnels. Obviously those who've played the game obsessively since day one won't care a bit, but casual players looking for something radically different would probably be best served looking elsewhere.
Génération 4 (May, 1997)
Scourge of Armagon est le fruit d'un groupe de transfuges de 3D Realms (ayant travaill茅, entre autres, sur Duke Nukem) et s'av猫re en fait un poil en de莽脿 de son concurrent direct.

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