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Quarantine II: Road Warrior Ad Blurbs (DOS)

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Advertising Blurbs

Gametek's website:
    Available Formats & Prices:
    PC CD ROM $39.95

    In this sequel to the critically acclaimed Quarantine we follow Drake Edgewater's adventures as he desperately tries to get money, beer and laid (not necessarily in that order).


    ROAD WARRIOR contains scenes of mindless violenceand killing, implied sex (Hey! Drake maybe in a computer gamebut he's no geek!) and finally BIG cars going VERY fastshooting each other. If this is the kind of stuff that gets you all outraged then skip it and spend your money on Mineral Water and Hummus.

    The original Quarantine was rated 17+ and we expect the same for Road Warrior.

    Still here? Good!

    Here is some of the cool stuff in Road Warrior:

  • SVGA graphics - Yeah, all the graphics are displayable inhigh or low res depending on your preference (or more likelyyour machine speed).
  • A "whoa! that's cool!" 3D engine - You can zip aroundoutdoors and under ground with our new super zippy engine.
  • Loads of terrain - Yup, you get to go through Deserts, Farmland, Factories, Airports, Theme Parks, Cities, Villages and of course you get to play in the Demo Derby and racealong the Death Race tracks!
  • Comic book storyline - We think comics are cool. No, we don't mean the lame 70's superhero rags either. Road Warriorfollows Drake Edgewater's adventures in a comic book format wethink you will like.
  • No Hollywood actors - Road Warrior is written by gamers for gamers. You will not find the phrase "interactive movie" or "Silicon Hollywood fusion" anywhere (except here of course).
  • Weapons! Do you think GUNS in games are cool? Me, too, and in Road Warrior you will find loads of guns, flame-throwers, anti-ped spikes, missiles, mines, anti-aircraft guns, nukesand many many more.
  • Loads of different views - External views, Grill views and Enemy views make your gameplaying experience a lot more fun.

    Loads of cool missions
  • Kill Duel - You and some other cars, the last one alive wins!
  • Anti Aircraft - Hunt down and duel in the clouds with Zepplins and Hover/Jet aircraft!
  • Cow tipping - Using our revolutionary Bovine TM technology.
  • Hit & Run - The old favorite. What could be more fun than driving through a crowded pedestrian walkway and watching kindly city folk bounce off your hood?
  • Pig sticking - Yup, you get to spike that porker with your car!
  • Drive By - Just drive along side them peds and open up with the Uzi!
  • Bumper cars - Remember those happy childhood days in the bumper cars with old grandpaw? Re-live those heady days but this time you get to KILL CLOWNS in bumper cars!
  • Fireman- Help the good folk of Mutton County by putting out the village fires with your water balloon cannonette.
  • Monster mutant balloon hunting - Errr, it would take to long to explain this one, but it makes sense in the game. Honest.
  • Monkeys! That's about it. There are monkeys in the game. We think monkeys are cool so we mentioned them.
  • BLOWING THINGS UP - The old standby but there are so many things that you get to blow up in the game it will BLOW you away. (Get it? Huh? Huh?)
  • KILLING THINGS - Ah, yes. There are over 50 kinds of different vehicles in the game and loads of special bad guys and pedestrians to kill /destroy/harm/mutilate.


    ROAD WARRIOR - PC CDMachine : 486 & Above (Pentium preferred)
    Memory : 8 Meg & above

    Contributed by jean-louis (38786) on Jul 27, 2015.

Print advertisement - PC Player 12/1995:



    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (237594) on Apr 07, 2010.

Back of Box - DOS (UK):
    The sequel to the critically acclaimed Quarantine

    Driving a cab for a living used to be so simple. Then along came the 21st century, the Omnicorp Empire, Drake Edgewater and a whole new ball game.

    Having escaped from the prison city of Kemo, Drake now faces a far greater challenge on the outside, having lost none of the guile that kept him alive on the inside. Now free and looking for a career move to fund the upkeep of his prized cab and its subtle "personal protection" devices, he is enlisted by the exiled rebel forces to help bring down the all-conquering Omnicorp Empire. Buzz saws, machine guns, missiles, heat seekers and flame throwers are no ordinary car protection, but then this is no ordinary car and certainly no ordinary guy.

    If explosive 3D action is your thing, and you fancy rescuing rebel personnel and blitzing Omnicorp strongholds in urban war zones and dangerous desert lands...then welcome to the party baby!


    • Amazing SVGA graphics
    • A whole host of new vehicles and enhanced weapons to upgrade your cab
    • Multiple camera views
    • Finely tuned CD audio tracks composed especially for Road Warrior
    • Massive gaming environment including detailed deserts, cities, farms and theme parks
    • Special demolition derby levels and racing tracks

    Contributed by Apogee IV (2327) on Sep 23, 2004.