The UK Teletext videogames section Digitiser used this game as the basis for an April Fool's prank. On April 1st, they presented a seemingly genuine review of "Radiohead - The Creep", supposedly based on the English group, in which you were to defeat the evil 'Paranoid Android'. After midday, the review was replaced with one of this game.

Contributed by Martin Smith (66801) on Apr 28, 2004. -- edit trivia

This game shares some commonality with a rare but cherished old arcade game from Atari called "I Robot". Essentially in that game you control a robot in a rebellion against the Eye (a giant eye) who rules the game world with an Iron fist.

Contributed by James Evans (42) on Aug 25, 2003. -- edit trivia

The 5 CD's worth of Queen music was remixed by Joshua J. Macrae, who was the drummer from the group 'The Cross' - a group formed by Queen's drummer Roger Taylor.

Contributed by Matt Notley (48) on Aug 22, 2000. -- edit trivia