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    Lori and Corey Cole want you to be a Hero!

    We love fantasy role-playing games. In Quest for Glory, we've combined the best features of fantasy adventures and role-playing games to create the same kind of experience that we look for in a game. We want to share the drama, the excitement, and the fun of being a real Hero."

    Lori and Corey Cole once again draw upon their expertise in computers, art, theater, and role-playing to bring you a new benchmark in interactive adventure. Their award-winning fantasies have earned them a legion of fans around the world.

    Quest for Glory combines the puzzle-solving and story-telling style of Sierra's classic adventures with the character development, combat, and magic of computer role playing games. And it's three games in one! Play it as a mighty magician, a fierce fighter, or a wily thief. Select the skills and attributes you think you'll need. The game plays differently according to your character's unique abilities.

    Get set for an amazing fantasy game that can be played again and again. But before you get committed, ask yourself: Do you really want to be a hero?

    Contributed by Oleg Roschin (181737) on Dec 27, 2004.