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Quest for Glory I: So You Want To Be A Hero Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Opening screen
Title screen
Character class selection
Character sheet
Bold entry into town
Conversational close-up
In the Adventurer's Guild Hall
Earning 5 Silver raking at the castle stables
Brauggi's challenge
Erana's Peace
Dryad's request
the Spore-Spitting Spirea
Zeiderneuf, Erasmus' home
Erasmus' front room
Fenrus likes to Fetch him some cheese
Clobberin' a goblin
at the Katta's Tale Inn
Magic shopkeeper's grand entrance
in the meadow of the Meeps
running to see the centaur grocer
sneaking in the alley
Dragon's Breath delerium tremens
Enry's Waterfall
Dragon's Breath fumes in the tavern
Encountering the sinister Antwerp
Brigands' front door
Learning the rhyme from Baba Yaga's gatekeeper
Playing the dag-nab-it game for money at the thieves' guild
The game has a day/night cycle. When your level of experience is still low several types of monsters, like this mantray, appear only after sunset
Visiting the healer. You can buy several helpful potions here
Leaving Spielburg
Sleeping at the inn
Tripping on magic mushrooms, VGA version
The Easter eggs have been updated too
This place looks much better in the VGA version (unlike some others)
At the Baron's castle
West part of town
Adventurers Guild message board
Playing as a Thief - in the VGA version the sheriff's house looks better than the grandmother's.
Dancing with the fairies
Opening screen - the remake has still EGA support with Sierra's driver, showing 640x200 graphics with lots of dithering
Character class choice (EGA)
Arriving at Spielburg (EGA)
Wandering through the forest (EGA)
The Mirror Lake (EGA)
The Three Stooges make a cameo appearance as brigands.