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Quest for Glory III: Wages of War Credits


DesignCorey Cole, Lori Ann Cole
Lead ProgrammingOliver Brelsford
ProgrammingDavid Artis, Chris Carr, Rick Comstock, Marc Hudgins, Brett Miller, Kevin L. Ray, Henry Yu
Interpreter / Development SystemChad Bye, Bill Crow, Dan Foy, Brian K. Hughes, Ken Koch, Jack Magné, J. Mark Hood, Larry Scott, Christopher Smith, Jeff Stephenson, Mark Wilden
Lead AnimatorMarc Hudgins
Graphics / ArtworkJeff Crowe, Dana Moody, Frank Ferrell, Jay Allan Friedmann, Darrin Fuller, Roger Hardy Jr., Jerry Jesserun, Tim Loucks, Mustafa Powell
MusicRudy Helm
Additional MusicMark Seibert
Art DirectorAndy Hoyos
ProducerTammy Dargan
DirectorLori Ann Cole
Writing / Dialogue / StoryLori Ann Cole
Quality AssuranceDave Clingman, Keri Cooper, William R. Davis Sr., David Fleming, Matthew Genesi, Diana Mulligan, Sharon Simmons, Sharon Hoban-Smith, Douglas Wheeler, Danny A. Woolard
Acting / VoiceoversRobert Ballew, Corey Cole, Lori Ann Cole, Dana Moody, Terrence C. Falls, Frank Ferrell, Jay Allan Friedmann, Darrin Fuller, Gloria Garland, Roger Hardy Jr., Jerry Jesserun, Josh Mandel, Brett Miller, Richard Powell, Guruka Singh-Khalsa, Barry T. Smith
UndeterminedRobert Ballew
Video CaptureRobert Ballew
"Field Guide" WriterLori Ann Cole
Technical DocumentationLori Ann Cole, Lorelei Shannon, Corey Cole
Manual DesignerNathan Gams
Special ThanksGuruka Singh-Khalsa, Douglas Herring, Jerry Shaw, Barry T. Smith, Ruben Huante, Gloria Garland

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Credits for this game were contributed by Accatone (5324) and WildKard-Shoddyan (13030)