Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness Credits


DesignCorey Cole, Lori Ann Cole
Lead ProgrammingHenry Yu
ProgrammingVana Baker, Oliver Brelsford, Neil Matz, Kevin L. Ray, Henry Yu
Interpreter / Development SystemSteve Conrad, Ed Critchlow, Bill Crow, Dan Foy, Ken Koch, Terry McHenry, Martin Peters, Larry Scott, David Slayback, Mark Wilden
Graphics / ArtworkJoan Delehanty, Joan Delehanty, Bob Gleason, Marc Hudgins, Tim Loucks, Tony Margioni, Frances Anne Powell, Daryle Smith, Barry T. Smith
MusicAubrey Hodges
SoundNeal Grandstaff, Dale Stump
ProductionJ. Mark Hood, James W. Thomas
Art DirectorMarc Hudgins
DirectorCorey Cole, Lori Ann Cole
Project ManagerOliver Brelsford
Technical DirectorMark Parker
Writing / Dialogue / StoryCorey Cole, Lori Ann Cole
Quality AssuranceCatie Andrews, Roger Clendenning, Dave Clingman, Lynne S. Dayton, Ken Eaton, Michael D. Jones, Jon Meek, Mike Pickhinke, John Ratcliffe, Leonard Salas, Sharon Simmons, Daryle Smith, John Trauger, Douglas Wheeler
Acting / VoiceoversJeff Glenn Bennett, Gregg A. Berger, Catherine Blore, Hamilton Camp, Cam Clarke, Jim Cummings, Bill Farmer, Joannie Gerber, Jennifer Hale, Jess Harnell, Mitzie McCall, Diane Pershing, John Rhys-Davies, Stuart M. Rosen, Neil Ross, Susan Silo, Russell Taylor
UndeterminedRobert Ballew, Stuart M. Rosen
Manual DesignersNathan Gams, Maria Fruehe
Special Thanks ToJeanne Brink, Susan Frischer, J. Mark Hood, Al Roughton, William Shockley, James W. Thomas, Karin Ann Young

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Credits for this game were contributed by Accatone (5351) and Xoleras (66813)