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Questron II Credits


StorylineCharles W. Dougherty, John Dougherty
Original DesignCharles W. Dougherty, John Dougherty
ProgrammingWestwood Associates
Additional DesignWestwood Associates
Game ArtworkWestwood Associates
MusicWestwood Associates
Game DevelopmentCyrus G. Harris, George MacDonald
RulesGeorge MacDonald, Westwood Associates
Customized Disk Operating System (Apple II version)Roland Gustafsson
PlaytestersJames Kucera, Barry Green, Ethan Grimes, Matthew Au, Paul S. Mudra
Art DirectorLouis Hsu Saekow
Art & Graphic DesignLouis Saekow Design, Martin French
IllustratorMartin French
PrintingA&a Printers and Lithographers

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Credits for this game were contributed by Zeikman (3496)