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Quiver Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main Menu
In-game help.
The automap only has minimal features.
Developer's screen: pay attention to the small alien robot.
Title screen
The original game uses a panoramic image for the skyline, similar to Doom.
First mission is about to start.
The Pentium version replaces the static skyline panorama with an animated cloudy sky a la Quake.
A medkit and a good amount of fire... what else might we need?
A different menu font is used in the Pentium version.
The game can record and play back user demos. Note the indicator on the HUD saying "Your E1L1" during playback.
This giant, pixellated squid will be no more in few seconds...
Quiz: guess the name of the game this button's style was taken from.
The Pentium version offers a variety of high-resolution modes.
Alien's Ripper's power
Fighting one of the larger (and tougher) enemies.
Death experience. Wish it was a bunch of words in real life too!
Ambushed by robots.
Futuristic and chrome doors... another not-so-strange déjà-vu...
The Gate Orb, in all its plagiarizing magnificence
The Yellow Key goes to a specific door... guess what colour is it?
Running the Pentium version in 800x600.
Save game menu.
Once all three Gate Orbs have been collected, you can step through the game (indicated by this blue platform) to end the level.
End-level tally screen. The background image is similar to the level loading screen.