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Ramonovo Kouzlo Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main menu
Intro - Map of the city
Intro - It is 'You' selected for the mission
Starting position in the city
In front of the big residence
Entrance to the boiler room
There is a picklock and drilling-machine
A long pathway through the forest
Talking to the last owner of castle Výrov
Just found an old key in the trash can
He is guarding entrance to the forest
Lets have a talk with this angry programmer
A big crossroad with 4 possible directions
This ghost is blocking a way to the castle
Correctly answered ghost's questions
Entrance to the castle
A large wooden cupboard and two beds
Nice view to the castle's garden
Really unfriendly looking person
Standing in front of the deserted tower
Under attack of the bridge guardian
Pretty bad ending
Looking closely at a statue of the nanny
Back in the inner part of the city
The fruit seller gave me a piece of melon
This men offers me diapers for the coin
Nové Město nad Metují in all its beauty
Entrance to the deep cave
I see absolutely nothing but found a knife
Using necklace on a statue of the queen
Under attack of some crazy guy
Wandering through the dense forest
Railway station and a waiting locomotive
Lets have a talk with a railway employee
There is a sacred sword inside the chest
All blue diamonds belong to this fountain
Opened door to the underground
Found some useful items like horseshoe
A bust of famous Czech writer Alois Jirásek
Examining a wise book of the elves
Luxurious dining room in the castle
Looks like there is a new secret passage
Looking on the altar inside the chapel
The evil wizard Ramon offers a deal