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Ravenloft: Stone Prophet Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The main menu
The introduction cinematic
Character creation
The game begins...
Inventory management
Speaking to (or about) an NPC
Memorizing mage spells in the camp menu. Dig the nail polish
Typical tent interior. It's the desert, so everyone live in tents. And need better interior decorators
One of the more plausible ways to implement artificial game world borders
In the middle of the day, under the scorching sun, the two of us engaged in a battle against a well-animated vulture
The automap is very helpful, indeed
There is a lot to discover in this game. There are strange structures everywhere
A cute scripted event involving a cat
Exploring the catacombs. A zombie approaches
Alright, now this is way over the top
Another day, another dark temple. Nice floor! Captured the snake in the middle of the attack animation
Game Over is presented as a FMV sequence
An event in a dungeon: you meet an NPC you can talk to. Hence the icon
Dungeons are nicely decorated in this game. There is art and what not
I got poisoned, but at least I have that key!..
Exploring a village. This is the only real settlement in the game
The conversations are quite well-written
Exploring the vast desert at night. Captured a moment where lightning strikes!..
Sometimes, you need more information before you can proceed
Dialogue choices are minimal and mostly cosmetic. You can recruit this troll!
With the troll in your party, you feel you can fight... other trolls!
Your characters will sometimes comment on what is happening around them
Another dungeon with pillars, golden switches, and flames
Hmm... what are those strange symbols?..
An expressively designed enemy! These guys can get annoying with their swirling attacks
Oh wow! This guy looks really impressive. This dungeon should be tackled in the later half of the game. The pirate-like companion to the lower left can't help much
Tough guards attack!..
More dungeon features: fire traps and lips that can give you advice
Egyptian art prevails