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Ravenloft: Strahd's Possession Credits


Rule Book Writer, Interaction & Game TextScot Noel
ProducerNicholas Beliaeff, James H. Namestka
Lead ProgrammingDon Wuenschell
Additional ProgrammingThomas J. Holmes
Game DesignThomas J. Holmes, Christopher L. Straka
Graphics / ArtworkJon Grayson, Nancy Janda, Craig Mrusek, Frank Schurter, Robert C. Taylor, Jane Yeager
3D ModellingJeff Zehner
MusicJamie McMenamy
Sound EffectsJamie McMenamy
Voice ProductionAnthony Mollick
Voice DirectionScot Noel
Development SupportJohn McGirk
Rule Book EditorsJoshua M. Cloud, Eileen Matsumi, André Vrignaud
Associate ProducerDavid A. Lucca
Additional MusicMason B. Fisher
Product Test SupervisorGlen A. Cureton
Lead Product TesterChris Lanka
PlaytestingJohn Cloud, Ron Calonje, Jeff M. Peña
Test SupportAnnette Grove, Rose Ramos
Cover artwork byDenis Beauvais (uncredited)

Strategic Simulations, Inc.

Music Ralph Thomas
Sound FXRalph Thomas
Compatibility TestingTop Star Computing Services Inc.
Rule Book Graphics & Desktop PublishingDavid Boudreau (Louis Saekow Design), Leedara Zola (Louis Saekow Design)
PrintingBanta ISG

German Version: Softgold Computerspiele GmbH

Project LeadSusanne Dieck
Game TranslationSusanne Dieck, Bernd Kurtz
German GraphicsNils Bote, Thomas Buchhorn, Susanne Dieck, Manfred Kraemer, Bernd Kurtz
Quality AssuranceChristian Schneider, Susanne Dieck
Rule Book TranslationBernd Kurtz, Susanne Dieck
LecturerAntje Sprekeler, Annette Khartabil
CoordinationKristin Dodt
Product CompositionOliver Dannat
ProductionJosch, Andreas Otte
SetHeiko Höpfner
Fine DrawingAndreas Otte
ExposureDTK Publishing Service
PrintingLippert Druck + Verlag

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