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Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen A (Original German version)
Title screen B (Original German version)
Intro. The letters of the text are being carried away through the top, hence the weird font of the first line
Character creation screen
Each character archetype is represented by such colorful couples
A temple in Thorwal: this is where you start the actual game
Buying some weapons and armour
The game consists of three main modes: overland travel on a 2D map... and dungeon exploration in 3D...
...and isometric combat
The original release provides this crude, color-coded automap.
Your quest is to visit persons all over Aventurien...
...and collect pieces of an ancient map that point the way to the legendary Blade of Destiny.
A fight at night!..
Marketplace options
You shop for some herbs and comparable stuff
Camp screen in the town - it looks different from the more elaborate wilderness camp
Greetings, greetings, travelers! Please pardon my surprisingly Middle-Eastern countenance in this pseudo-Nordic, viking-inspired town!
You can walk through some green areas, but sooner or later the game will say you can't advance
A typical tavern. They all look the same
A typical harbor - again, same graphics no matter where you are. Take a ship to other towns
Ship journey. Ahh, beautiful weather...
Travelling by ship is quick, but not without its dangers: a giant octopod may attack...
...and pirates may board the ship, forcing you to defend yourself.
Camping in the wilderness, your party can search for valuable herbs.
Unfortunately, Orcish hordes are on a rampage through the land, and will ambush you frequently.
This colorful dude is a doctor! He can heal you. And he grudgingly does, even though you woke him up in the middle of the night
You can break into people's houses! Most of the time you won't find anything interesting, though
Boss battle: This druid with his pack of white wolves has one of the map pieces you're looking for.
Entering a dungeon.
Picking a locked door in a cave.
A chest! But beware: it might be trapped.
Dungeon automap. Since levels are always square, you can easily figure out where secret rooms are.
Dungeon combat. As our fighter strikes, a mummy crumbles to ashes.
In a fierce fight against necromancers and their undead vassals, one of our party members has been knocked out.
Another day, another town - and yes, it looks exactly the same as Thorwal. Graphical variety is not this game's forte...
[English Version] Texts are reasonably well translated from German.
[English Version] The improved automap now indicates doors.
[English Version] Character sheet. This dwarf has just gained a level.
[English Version] Combat options
[English Version] Exploring the Ship of Death
[English Version] Combat on board of the Ship of Death.
[English Version] The natives are friendly...
[English Version] We just found a companion!
[English Version] Oops. Dead?