Realms of Arkania III: Shadows over Riva Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Intro: the Citadel
Intro: a selection of eyes
In the temple
Conversing with the priestess.
In town
The story progresses also in high resolution SVGA pictures.
A very helpful distribution device for items has been added for part 3.
The diary, a very helpful tool on your adventure
Dialogues are important.
Caya Sennscheid, the bowyer of Riva
Xebbert Dürbann, the ratcatcher. A charming fellow
The temple of Efferd (the god of the sea)
Every inhabitant of Riva is unique and has it's own picture. This person for example has nothing to do with the story whatsoever.
A lot happens on the streets of Riva. It is mostly presented in boxes like this one.
I have to solve a riddle to pass this door.
Looks like some dwarfs dug to deep...
This is going to hurt.
As you can see, the fighting screen has been slightly improved. Notice the unique rendered enemy
Ha! Take this, you foul abomination.
Destroying a book of dark magic in the inventory screen.
Entering the Sewers. A lot of mysteries are down there.
Exploring the sewers of Riva (cut-scene).
Resting in a quiet place.
Another SVGA screen. Notice the clichés ;)
Fighting a group of pirates.
It is again possible to calculate the outcome of a battle. Then this little video is shown.
The magician's tower
The surrounding is now incorporated into the battle map.
A skeleton attacks.
Exploring the magician's tower. Notice how the engine has improved.
Battling the mage and his unholy beasts.
Some small riddles must be solved in order to advance.
The restored shrine
A "holberker". They are a crossbreed between elves and orcs.
Well, he bugged me...
No you are not drunk, it's just the screensaver ;)
The heroes are charged with murder.
Game over