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Realms of Arkania: Star Trail Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Opening Title
Opening Title - Star Trail (Background is animated flames)
Opening credits
This is where you start, in a temple without any characters. Need to make some.
Character generation menu
Village at night
It's market today!
Random encounters during the travels are shown in a dialog box
Camping on the road
The inventory
When the character equips something, a little video is shown
Fighting a band of Goblins. The battle screen hasn't changed much since RoA 1
The results of a battle can be calculated. The this little video is shown
I won ;)
A merchant
A tavern
A lot of useful information can be acquired through dialogs
An Inn
A random citizen
A smith on steroids ;)
Well, this place is called "Wonderland", I wonder what their type of business is ... ;)
Some towns are so small, they are only shown in a dialog box
Some large cities will be visited
A miracle granted by the god Travia
The Characters can also be imprisoned, if they a caught doing something illegal
The automap. Here you can see the huge city of Lowangen
The city of Tiefhusen has been occupied by orcs
The interface changes in the dungeons
The story is progressed through cut-scenes
Important cut-scenes are "framed" like this
Game Over
Not a bug, it is Startrails integrated screensaver
The very funny credits screen. Look, it's Guy Henkle ( aka Guido Henkel )