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Realms of the Haunting Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Intro. The color that fell from outer space?
Exploring the mansion.
Not all visions are unpleasant it seems.
Our hero, reflecting upon the career choices that led him to star in a videogame FMV.
Title (from the intro)
Some really eerie catacombs
Culture and war side by side
Be careful with dark corridors
One of the bad guys about to get it.
These ugly beasts are mean.
Nice, refreshing garden, if it wasn't for those two...
Some ancient artifacts in the library
Hey, that's me in the mirror! Handsome...
Monsters attacking between realms.
Is this a platform game, or what?
A portal to travel between realms.
Firing a shot. That one won't bother me anymore.
Trapped in a corner in the yard. Life is running out...
Exploring the mansion.
Your father's ghost about to be gang-raped by a bunch of medieval bastards.
Spirits messing with you.
Our first enemy
Doom-style traps: As soon as you approach the shotgun tons of baddies pop-up.
Speak the words of power!!!
Eat it you metallic... uh...thing!
Yep, he's dead alright.
Ancient unholy artifact sitting in the altar of an underground pagan temple? Sure, I'll take it!
Die gargoyles! Die!
Strange sketchs and maps...
You know anybody with a mustache like that is evil.
The undead keep coming and coming and coming....
Nice throne
Never sit on a chair that has wires running up to it.
Well hello there, didn't know all the hot chicks digged haunted mansions.
You can chat with Rebecca at any time about the things happening in the mansion or what she does on lonely saturday nights.
I don't think we are in Kansas anymore...
That can't be good.
Baddies all around
Don't worry, it only hurts in the beginning.
Help me Obi Wan!