Written by  :  Dave Billing (28)
Written on  :  Oct 25, 2012
Rating  :  1.25 Stars1.25 Stars1.25 Stars1.25 Stars1.25 Stars

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Awful graphics, awful gameplay, all round awful game.

The Good

Redneck Rampage in its day was a graphically excellent game on the whole. Hi-res textures, coupled with the then advanced BUILD engine, created an aesthetically pleasing first person shooter that pushed Ken Silverman's 2.5D rendering technology to its limits in terms of what it was capable of.

But sadly, when Interplay commissioned Sunstorm Entertainment to create an expansion pack for the franchise, they had quite clearly lost the plot. The very same company who conjured up the mixed-bag Shadow Warrior expansion Wanton Destruction, Sunstorm has a well-deserved reputation for creating sub-standard products that suffer from lackluster and amateurish design. Whilst three or four levels did indeed stand out in terms of design competence, many, unfortunately, are indicative of Sunstorm Entertainment's inability to hire more than one accomplished level designer. As a result of this, we are subsequently left with a monstrosity that people are expected to pay for right here. At best, the upside to this is at least the texture artists did a reasonable (but still slightly sub-par) job with some of the artwork. But that's where the praise effectively ends.

The Bad

Most of it. Aesthetically, it is truly awful. The level design is reminiscent of an amateur who has been mapping for mere weeks. Architecture is abysmal - scaling is way off, nothing looks particularly realistic and subsequently the resemblance to any real life structures is exceptionally vague at best. Texturing is often appalling - I'm yet to find a truck stop that looks like a bathroom from the outside! Lighting is occasionally OK, but for the most part shading is very light, and rooms and sectors are quite evidently too bright. Navigating the levels is quite bad too - it is all too easy to get lost, and finding keys is particularly time consuming. Ammo and health distribution is bad as well.

The Bottom Line

It is rather insulting to one's intellect to expect a company to hire substandard designers to create their products and expect consumers to pay for them. The clear lack of professionalism in making this product is solid evidence that the almighty dollar prevails, and that quality is never guaranteed. Unless you are bored and have money to burn, you may wish to check this game out, but my advice would be this - avoid this game like you'd avoid catching the Ebola virus.