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Written by  :  Tom White (14)
Written on  :  Dec 08, 2004
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Beautiful, Nostalgic, Epic, Accessible

The Good

This game is simple to pick up and play, highly addictive, complex and deep under the surface with a nice learning curve. There are tons of characters to talk to, all rather strange. Character development is some of the best I've seen in a game. The atmosphere is *very* strong. The soundtrack is catchy, beautiful and atmospheric. The plotline drives the game, and drives you all the way to the end where you find it hard to let go.

The Bad

This game doesn't like Windows!

The Bottom Line

A cute, French action-adventure title with amazing atmosphere, addictive gameplay and fascinating plot. I know, it sounds cliched, but I've played a lot of games and this is great stuff, uniquely brilliant.