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Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Intro sequence
Title screen
Twinsen must get out of this prison.
Twinsen's world
Stop squirming, prisoner Twinsen!
HoloMap rediscovered.
Hidden in the truck.
Inside a house
Twinsen meets Zoe.
Clones are looking for you.
Trip to Principal Island (cut-scene)
Principal Island
Talk to other people to get information.
A secret passage
The friendly Dino is flying us to the next island.
Here we have to hire a ship to get to our next destination
Help! The army is attacking with their coloured ping-pong balls!
Damn! That clone hit us!
The island of the rebels under a heavy bombing raid
A rebel companion is helping us against an enemy
In "discreet mode" we sneak past that very dangerous clone
When we found "The Book of Bu", we can talk to animals like this beautifully animated horse.
One of the Jump'n'Run sections, that are mostly not too tricky...
Our illegal activities include breaking into this museum.
Welcome to the Hamalayi mountains!
Twinsen is snowboarding! Animation is cool, but it's unfortunately not interactive...
We agree to help some poor rubbybunnies against some evil mutants.
With our magic ball we ask for entrance to a secret military base.
Funky Town is not the nicest place. Here are some ruthless criminals.
We're visiting a rock concert. Actually the band is quite cool!
You've got to fight for your right to party!