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User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Starting location
The Zork System Menu
Animated cutscene - going down the river
Close-up view of an object
You can take pictures of many locations
The Inventory Menu
Note the detailed interaction possibilities - make your choices wisely!..
The map of the starting area. Don't worry, there will be many more locations in the game
The game has many movies featuring delightfully cheesy performances of live actors
Choose between different attitudes during conversation!
Funny faces appear when you attempt to quit the game
An opulent Game Over screen
Found a poor waif sitting under the bridge. You can ask characters about anything in your inventory, plus more
You can attempt to kill any character you encounter - and it's easy to succeed at that. Whether you'll be able to complete the game after that is another question...
The mayor looks suspiciously similar to a Romanian violin player I used to work with
There is an enormous amount of information here - you can spend hours in the Town Hall reading all that
You'll have to learn how to perform a proper drinking ritual the Zorkian way!..
You make many interesting... encounters!
Oh well, at least this key is not hard to overlook!..
You can zoom on many scenes for more detailed view. Get this money and those tickets!..
This lavishly dressed wizard will frequently pop out with helpful as well as unhelpful observations
There are many buildings in the game. For the most part, you are free to explore
A mysterious passage with a locked door. Interesting angles...
You try to throw coins at the Hero Memorial. It doesn't really work
I'm so scared of this skeleton that I attempt to open the disk menu with that icon on the top left
Milking the cow is but a part of a twisted, logic-defying puzzle!..
You are attacked by vultures and eventually killed. Be careful
Cliffs of Depression? I'm not sure I want to visit those...
Exploring another person's house after having climbed inside through the window. This here is, obviously, the kitchen...
Rebecca is a woman with character! Quick, answer the copy protection questions - otherwise you'll be shot! No, really!..
This game even features real dogs! I wonder if anybody can guess what this dog's gameplay function is...
The city of East Shanbar contains many interesting locations
The obligatory maze of twisty little passages, all alike!
The local inn has a cranky-looking receptionist
You'll have to play this little tactical board game (and win) twice during the game. The first time it's easy, the second... less so
Looks like Rebecca is willing to aid you on your quest
A mysterious forest lies ahead. I know it's going to be a maze... maybe I should just turn back
You'll have to figure out how to fix this motorboat to access a certain location. The solution is... unorthodox
You can rent a room. I think it's not even needed to complete the game. There are interesting things you can do here, though
Slide-the-tiles puzzle