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Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

MPS Labs "animated" company logo
a bar. Ladies night every night.
Aaaaaaaaah!!! Copy Protection!
Rex meets a hermit in the deserted city of Machopolis.
Main Menu
Rex and Stone, taken from the intro.
Choose difficulty...Expert of course!
Rex meeting the local women.
You wake up after crash-landing in an unknown planet. Why is there water in the front window?
Thing's that make you go "mmmm....."
One of the "adult scenes" in the game. The woman will walk "topless" across the screen to the delight of Rex Nebular...(and the player!)
Rex finally leaves his infamous ship, "The Slippery Pig"
Ways to die #003 - Swimming to close to a proximity mine. Interesting visual affects here...what's left of it anyway.
Puzzle solving involves the merging of items, resulting in a total new item. Rex Nebular always has a sense of humor in these creative designs...
Female "Keepers" look on at you on the screen, as you conduct "cultural exchanges" with a local woman at her hut
Captured by the feminist "Keepers" become a breeder...way cool!
The Head Nurse of the Keepers has "persuading techniques" identifying your health history
Your cell bloke mate is eager to get down and dirty...
Free as a bird...that monster is going to do some serious damage!
Uh-oh...what did you get yourself into Rex?
Getting in touch with your feminine side I see...
Sweet, you got yourself a new ride! It even comes with a gender security check...
The cars come with an autopilot program. Just click the destination and enjoy the ride!