Rick Dangerous 2 Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen (VGA)
Level selection - Level 5 is only available if you finished the game before (VGA)
Level 1 intro. Rick shows off his new outfit (VGA)
Vegetablia (VGA)
Inside the space ship which has landed at the Hyde Park (VGA)
The Atomic Mud Mines (VGA)
Freezia (VGA)
Bombing away a security door (VGA)
Ooo! Pretty lights! (VGA)
Danger! High voltage (VGA)
Level 2 intro (VGA)
Watch out for falling icicles (VGA)
Sneaking past frozen mechanical penguins (VGA)
Something is cooking in there (VGA)
Level 3 intro (VGA)
A very dangerous forest indeed (VGA)
A man-eating plant waiting for Rick to fall down (VGA)
Logs falling down from the treetops (VGA)
Level 4 intro (VGA)
A slimy hand reaching out for Rick (VGA)
Secret bonus room! Don't ask me who those little guys are... (VGA)
Explosives do not hurt the green one (VGA)
Level 5 intro (VGA)
Carefully crossing the pit of spikes at the headquarter's entrance (VGA)
Passing an empty throne - the big boss must be here somewhere! (VGA)
Strange elevators they have here! (VGA)
Sliding a bomb towards the unsuspecting operator (VGA)
Title screen (CGA)
Dodging snowballs in level 2 (CGA)
Rolling barrels in level 4 (CGA)