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Ring Cycle Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Immersed into the Wagnerian world!
Excuse me, I seem to have walked into your rune
A house!
"Exterior" view of myself
Overworld map
Rune stones give the hero new conversation topics
Nameless hero lacks the correct rune stone to provide a name
Graphics engine handles rain, snow and lightning
Main view can be decreased for increased performance
From time to time, a mysterious voice bellows
Meeting a Wagnerian character
Enemies can be fought with three different kinds of fireballs
Wagnerian Gods can become pleased (or displeased) with the hero
Single houses and small communities dot the landscape
Caves, on the other hand, are the potential dwelling places of the quest objects
Mazes inside houses and caves are always full of phantoms
Dead enemy can sometimes leave items behind: here we have one of the three kinds of fireballs for picking up
Both sides are firing fireballs
An archway marks the entrance to the Netherworld
The Netherworld: place for the quest objects
Without the map, the Netherworld would be impossible to navigate
Bonus items in a row: fish idol enables Siegmund to walk through lakes and rivers, footwear allows instant teleportation anywhere on the main map
Manual instructs to press (SPACE) to "duck down" in the Netherworld and pass through small blocks of rock: but keep it pressed and wiggle the mouse to pass through any amount of rock