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WalkthroughContributed by Katakis | カタキス (42056) on Apr 18, 2007.

The year is 2053 in the dirty city of Los Angeles is full of crime, disease, and drug abuse. Retired LAPD detective William “Blade” Hunter is summoned by Major Vincenzi to find who or what killed his daughter Chandra, as well as many other fatalities. This happens to be an election year, meaning that the last thing that Vincenzi want is negative publicity. He wants Blade to make sure that information regarding the killings does not get leaked to the press.

After the chilling introduction, you will start in Blade's rat-trap of an apartment. It is midday, and the VidPhone light is flashing. Get your overcoat and clothes from the clothes rack on the right and put them on. (Right-click inventory and drag the clothes on Blade, followed by the overcoat.) Next, move the pillow on the bed and get the gun. Go west into the bathroom and open the medicine cabinet. Take the First Aid Kit and the NaPent. Exit the bathroom and zoom in on the cabinet above the sink. If you try to open the cabinet, you find out that it is locked. If only you had the keys with you.

Zoom in on your VidPhone Terminal and flip the switch below the screen to turn on the power. Pick up the remote control on the desk. You will see that it has four buttons, their function should be self-explanatory. The first one is from Vincenzi, who informs you about the murders, where Chandra was last seen, and tells you to look for someone known as “The Jake”, who is a regular there. He gives you a “vid-transmission hardcopy” of Chandra. After the message is finished, get it and place it into inventory. The second is an ad from Momar's Used Hovercars, but you can skip it if you want. The third comes from your girlfriend Karyn, who is angry that you missed your date with her. She says that her keys are with her, and that she will be found in the Bureau of Records. Better get yourself over there.

Get your ID card from the slot then turn the VidPhone terminal off and get the ammo pack on the left. Now exit the close-up to arrive back in the main view. There are two buttons on the pad. The top one takes you to the roof, while the bottom one leads to the Em-Way. For now, go to the Em-Way. Welcome to the Subway Of The Future. No more waiting for minutes on the train while it makes a stop at all stations. All you have to do is use an electronic map to select your destination, and the next available train will take you there. Zoom in on the map on the wall and you will be able to select your destination from there. At the moment, only three destinations are available: City Hall, Pleasure Dome, and Karyn's. Choose the City Hall as your first destination.

You will see a florist and a bum sitting against the wall. Talk to the florist and buy some roses. Give your ID card to her so that she can charge it to your account, then get the flowers and ID card and place them in inventory. Once that is done, talk to the bum. He will warn you about Bahumat, who is mentioned in the introduction. Next, go east and go past the steel gates to reach the warehouse. Spy through the window to see your would-be enemies walking around in the warehouse. Leave the warehouse and go back to where you have entered the alley. The gate will now be locked.

Go into the gap left of the fan. There is a “Keep Out” sign above an opening. Go through the opening and talk to the old man. He identifies himself as Chang Li, and he knows about your mission on behalf of the mayor. He warns you that others know as well, some not-so-nice people apparently. He cannot help you any further, so go back to the florist and go west to City Hall where there are people going in and out of the building. Go into the entrance. You will see three doors ahead of you. The left door leads into Records, the middle leads to the mayor's office. The door on the right houses the LAPD Police Department.

Go into Records. When Jenni, the receptionist, flirts with you, say that you are remaining faithful to Karyn. When she carries on with her work, proceed into Records. There are several people inputting stuff onto computers. Karyn is on the middle computer. Talk to her. She is still angry at Blade, so you better be careful what to say to her. When the conversation choices come up, choose either response 2 or 3. She suggests meeting her for a date at 7:30pm. Accept it. You will need to meet Karyn at 7:30pm at her apartment. She will give you your keys.

Go to the Em-Way, zoom in on the map, and click on your apartment. Insert your ID card into the slot by the door to get in. (Forgot to remove the ID from the VidPhone slot? You can still get in if you click the red valve on the ceiling. Doing so will let off some steam that will short circuit the door.) Since Karyn gave you back your keys, you can open the cabinet. Inside, you find a FISTO chocolate bar, four bombs, and a ACME “Little Giant” Wire Testing Kit. Leave your apartment for the Em-Way. Zoom in on the map and click on “Pleasure Dome”. There, walk up to the entrance. The two bouncers, Slen and Arreis, will scan you for weapons and refuse you entry to the Dome unless you hand your gun into the ticket booth. Choose Response 1. After this, Slen will ask you if you got anything else. In this case, give him the FISTO bar to receive a claim ticket. You may enter.

Note: If you did not carry your gun, you can go on into the Dome without any hassle.

Inside, two exotic dancers occupy the stage, and there are three people playing cards. Talk to the woman, Darcelle, and ask her where “The Jake” is. She suggests trying your luck at the bar. Go into the bar, which is located at the back of the Dome. Inside the bar, there are customers occupying the table, while a tough, black bartender dries some glasses. You can interact with three of the customers. Talk to Casey Jones, who has red hair. He tells Blade that he and The Jake are good friends, but he does not remember what he looks like. Talk to the bartender, Mujalambo, and ask him on the whereabouts of The Jake. He suggests chatting with the dude in the green coat at the end of the bar.

Save the game and talk to that dude. While talking to him, make sure that you make the right choices or you may reduce the chance of winning the game. I suggest using the following responses:

“1. I'm looking for “The Jake”.
“2 A friend of his is in trouble.”
“3. Well now he's got LOTS minus one...”
“2. One of your friends has had some trouble... Chandra Vincenzi.”
“1. I'm afraid that she's dead.”

When he demands proof, show him the photo of Chandra. He then escorts you to his booth, where he identifies himself as “The Jake”. Be careful what you say to him, or the meeting is over. Choose the following dialog choices:

“2. Who is Chen?”
“3. You think Chandra would want you covering this guy's ass?”
“3. I don't know...but someone does. Why don't you help me out?”
“4. What's this guy's name and address?”

Jake gives you Chen's address, 554 Wallaby Street #798, which is added to the Em-Way map. Sooner or later, you'll going to get a Meanwhile sequence where you learn that Jonny Qwong and his henchmen are preparing to finish their production quota in three days. Something big is going on, and the citizens of LA have no idea what. Leave the Pleasure Dome and present the claim ticket to Martha to get your gun back. Take the Em-Way to Chen Lu's. (The “Lu” bit should be familiar – Chandra thanked him for giving her a drug patch.)

When you get there, you bump into someone called Snake, who you will have to deal with later in the game. When you arrive at the corridor, you notice that something is moving beyond that open doorway. Go through the doorway to investigate. Lu is struggling on the floor, and all over his body are drug patches, the same ones that killed Chandra. After a series of images showing how serious the effects of the patches are, Lu is reduced to a skeleton. After watching the grotesque scene, zoom in on Lu's VidPhone. The VidPhone is similar to Blade's, but this one has the buttons on the main unit instead of on the remote control. Turn it on. Around this time, the cops will come after you for breaking in. So remove the ID card from the slot and head back to the Em-Way.

Return to Chen's to notice yellow police tape covering the door. Insert Chen's ID card into the slot by it, then enter. There is a chalk outline of the body on the floor, but you cannot do anything about it. Zoom in on the VidPhone. Turn it on and insert Chen's ID. Remember the last four digits of the phone number, social security number, and gun permit number. You will need them shortly. Press the next button. There is a message from Deng Hwang, which you should play. The message from Hwang (disguised as Bahumat) explains why Chen had to be killed.

When you are done with the message, remove the ID card and zoom out. Now enter the bathroom and take the drug patch sitting on the vanity unit. Exit the bathroom and enter Chen's bedroom. At least the bedroom is much cleaner than the bathroom. Examine the dragon on the left side of the room. There is something strange about the eyes. Click on them and the dragon sinks to reveal a safe. Zoom in on it and enter the four digits that you were supposed to remember. Inside, you find another FISTO bar and a parchment of Chinese writing. Take them both and leave Chen's.

Note: If you use one of your bombs to break open the door or the safe, the police will be called again, and you have several minutes to do your stuff and get out of there.

Leave Chen's and go back to the Em-Way. Go into inventory and fast-forward the time until it reads 19:30. Zoom in on the map and select Karyn's as your destination. (Do not stand Karyn up or you will regret it.) The Meanwhile sequence shows Blade and Karyn sharing a toast and sleeping together.

Note: In the Sega CD version, the parts following the toast have been cut, despite the game being given a MA-17 rating by the VRC.

When the date is over, you arrive back in your apartment. Go to City Hall and go east into the alley, where Chang Li hangs out. Talk to him and Blade should mention the parchment. Chang Li explains that you are the one mentioned in the prophecy, and that something terrible is going to happening three days from now if Blade does not act, and the Reservoir is mentioned. Chang will give you four items that you should take. The items include The Tome of Ancient Wisdom, a bulletproof vest, a fortune cookie, and the Stone of Life. The tome and the stone are supposed to be good luck charms, but the vest and the cookie will come in handy later. The Reservoir will be added to the map.

Go into the Bureau of Records at City Hall and talk to Karyn. When she asks is there anything you want to show her, give her the drug patch from Chen Lu's. She will provide you with the analysis of the drug patch tomorrow. Next, show her Chen's ID card. Karyn will run it through the computer, and information on the whereabouts of Jonny Qwong and Snake will be available. The address of the Snake is unavailable, but the computer reveals Qwong's address, which is now added to the Em-Way map.

Leave City Hall and go to the Pleasure Dome. Follow the same procedure as before to get in. once inside, go to the bar to meet The Jake. Listen to what he says. When he asks if you have anything with you, give him the FISTO bar. If you fail to do this, he will not contact you on the VidPhone later, and you won't get to play the hidden arcade sequence. Leave the Pleasure Dome and go to Johnny Qwong's.

Jonny Qwong lives on the outskirts of the city. His house is guarded by his thugs, and a bum nearby is drinking himself to death. There is a manhole cover that leads to the sewer. Go down to the sewer. The bum will warn you to stay out, but ignore him and continue going down. Here, a VidPhone maintenance access panel is on the wall. Zoom into it to find that it is locked tight. Too bad that you don't have a key, but you have something to break open the lock. But first, note the diagram on the front: it will tell you where to place the plugs.

Break open the lock using the bombs and place the wire tester on the wall. You will notice that the tester has one red light and one green light on it. Attach the red and blue plugs to the wires at the base of the meter, while watching the wire tester. If it flashes red, you must re-position the plugs or you will get electrocuted. There are eight chambers running down the meter, and these chambers are divided into two sets of four. Place the yellow plug on the second chamber from the bottom. If you spend too much fiddling with the meter, the rats will come out from the shadows to attack Blade.

Note: The rats will bite Blade twice. The second time that Blade is bitten, the game ends. However, use the first-aid kit and Blade should survive the second attack.

When you do it right, Blade will mention that all he has to do is find out who called Qwong. Leave Qwong's and return to your apartment where another message on the VidPhone is waiting to be read. The message is from Deng Hwang and instructs Qwong to supervise at the warehouse. Leave the apartment and travel to the City Hall. Now head to the warehouse (the gate is now open) and zoom into the electrical panels yo the left of the warehouse. Plant one of your bombs there and Blade will blow up the warehouse. Unfortunately, two security guards spot you and report the matter to their “boss”.

Fast forward the time until another Meanwhile sequence is triggered. It shows a meeting between Deng Hwang, Qwong, Snake, and their other goons. You see how evil Hwang is: Qwong is killed for insubordination, and orders Snake to find and destroy Blade, as well as the ones he cares for. If this is the case, Karyn might be in trouble. After that fun part, go back to your apartment and get some sleep.

When you get up in the morning, travel to City Hall and talk to Karyn. She will tell you that the ab report of the drug patch is ready. Watch the footage. It shows a red blood cell being overtaken by a MTZ cell. She gives you a videotape of it. When she asks if there is anything else, ask her to do an information trace on Deng Hwang. She tells you that the trace is not going to be simple, but tell her to run it anyway. When you are done with that, leave Karyn.

Next, try to see the mayor. When Jenni stops you, say that you need to see the mayor on an urgent matter. When Jenni lets you in, enter and talk to the mayor. While you are talking to him, watch what you say to him or you may end up in the slammer. To be on the safe side, use the following conversation paths:

“3. You should show a little more courtesy to someone who has information that could cost you the next election!”
“3. I'll tell you... but I think it's time to re-negotiate our deal.”
“2. Well, since you put it that way, I don't see how I can refuse.”

Hand over the video tape and say:

“3. No effin' way! I'm finished with this crap! Show me the door!”

Vincenzi will give you a LAPD security card, which you must present to get into the army. Leave the mayor's office and head into Police Headquarters, ignoring Jenni's warning. The armory holds a much better gun that you can use in the arcade sequences, but you must give the pass to the guard to do so. With this gun, leave City Hall and return to your apartment.

At 6pm, Karyn being kidnapped while still at work. After this Meanwhile sequence, check the VidPhone for a message from Deng Hwang, telling you to back off. Have the rest of the day off (as well as the next day). You will have plenty to do on August 4.

If you gave the FISTO bar to The Jake yesterday, a VidPhone message from him will be waiting for you, and he wants you to meet him at the warehouse at 8:30 tonight. If you fail to make it by 8:30, The Jake will be found dead with a bullet in his head. There is nothing you can do right now, but wait until you get another Meanwhile sequence in which Deng Hwang orders his troops to go to the reservoir. They are going to pollute the reservoir. Wear the bulletproof vest and equip your new gun, and get to the reservoir, pronto.

When you are there, you will find yourself attacked by five thugs who appear in different places in the building. Gun them down. You have only one chance, so make the most of it. If you take far too many shots, the game is over for both you and Los Angeles. With the bulletproof vest on, however, you will be able to take several hits. Once you kill the five men, you can steal the hovercar that the men came in.

If you made it before 8:30, go to the warehouse for your meeting with The Jake, Snake will appear. You have the option of playing or bypassing the arcade sequence, but if you decide to skip it, you'll miss out on all the fun. The object of this sequence is to run to the very right of the level, shooting down security guards and several hazards such as flame jets, laser barriers, and manholes. When you get to the end, you will need to defeat Snake. When you defeat him, The Jake will give you Snake's ID card that you can use at Deng Hwang's newly-built fortress. If you are unfortunate enough to fail the arcade sequence five times in the DOS/Amiga versions, you can try the sequence again or bypass it. (This does not work in the Sega CD version.)

If it is past 8:30, it is time to stop Hwang's plans and save Karyn. You should get another Meanwhile sequence showing Karyn struggling with the guards to avoid being placed in the chair, and Hwang delivers a warning that Blade will be dead if he tries to rescue her. You need to go to his headquarters, so get in the hovercar, call up the map, and fly directly to Hwang's headquarters. You will land on the roof. Take the elevator down into the foyer.

Alternate Solution: You may also travel to Hwang's by Em-Way. If you do this, you will have to show Snake's ID card to the guard at the entrance. He will let you continue into the building.

Besides the way up, there are two other exits here. One of them leads to the security room, while the other leads to the hallway (which is apparently blocked by a laser gate). The object here is to get past Lorraine, the receptionist, talking your way into the security room. Talk to the girl and remind her that you new her from high school. Offer to take her out for drinks, followed by the movies. She will let you in.

Alternate Solution: You can be mean to her and spray her with the NaPent. This is hilarious if you have the Sega CD version.

You notice the control panel in the middle, and the guard's break room to the left. Security monitors show vision around the complex. Zoom in to the control panel and lock the door to the break room. Unlock the interrogation room and the janitor's closet. Now go into inventory and examine the fortune cookie that Chang Li gave you. Note down what it says and then press the big switch to the right. When the system asks you for the manual override code, press buttons in the order in which they appear on the cookie (where R=Red, Y=Yellow, P=Purple, W=White, B=Blue). When the security system is switched off, turn the “100 KV” laser gate off.

Note: While you are doing this, Lorraine will realized that she made a mistake letting you into security and will try to call the guards. She will then sound the alarm, but since you already locked the break room, the guards will force open the door by hand, so you'd better hurry up about it.

Now that the rooms that you need are unlocked, leave security. Lorraine will be furious at you and call security, but since you have disabled it, the alarm will not sound. She will then leave her post to reset the alarm. There are three doors. The one nearest you leads to the janitor's closet, and the next one leads to the interrogation chamber. If you go through the door to the north, you will see Deng Hwang addressing his audience. Go into the janitor's closet and get the screwdriver on the left. Open the top part of the panel and flip the switch. Doing this stops the electricity flowing through the wires you need to pick up. Open the other part and use the screwdriver on the wires, then take them. Leave the closet.

Go into the interrogation room to see Karyn hooked up to a chair that is injecting MTZ into her bloodstream. See that monitor with the little number beside it? Well, my friend, when that number reads 0, Karyn dies. Place the wires on her and zoom in on the collar. Now pull the cables out to save her. After a romantic scene, the alarm will sound and the guards do a search through the complex.

Note: If you are unable to save Karyn, you can still win, but the ending will be slightly different.

Blade and Karyn leave the room, then go down to disrupt Deng's audience. Blade approaches Deng, who turns into Bahumat, then the final arcade sequence begins. The aim is to shoot down the guards and avoid flamejets. They can be turned off by shooting the red valves at the tops of them. Unlike the last arcade sequence, this one involves you jumping over gaps.

Survive this sequence and you will finally meet Bahumat. There are two ways in which you can defeat him: either climb up the steps and shoot him down, or go under him then throw a bomb.

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