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Written by  :  Ashley Pomeroy (233)
Written on  :  Jun 02, 2000
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  1 Stars1 Stars1 Stars1 Stars1 Stars

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The Good

Released after a tidal wave of immense hype, this game (also released for the Commodore Amiga) is something of a legend in 'bad game' circles. The developers had obviously spent all their time tweaking the gorgeous, rendered sprites, without spending any time writing a game.

The Bad

Problems are legion - you can defeat all the opponents with a single move, you can't turn around after leaping past the enemy, and, most damning of all, the game is less fun, less intelligent, and shallower than the old Sinclair Spectrum classic 'Way of the Exploding Fist', or the contemporary 'International Karate +' (or, for that matter, 'Mortal Kombat'). Worst of all, it sold absolutely loads, and there was even a sequel, which, astoundingly, was almost as bad. See also the similarly disasterous 'Microcosm', and 'Epic', amongst others.

The Bottom Line

Legendarily over-hyped, under-delivering graphical demo posing as a game.