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atari breakout
ESRB Rating
Written by  :  Sir Gofermajster (491)
Written on  :  Jul 31, 2009
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  4.17 Stars4.17 Stars4.17 Stars4.17 Stars4.17 Stars

8 out of 9 people found this review helpful

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Bizarre, gory and entertaining FPS

The Good

It has a lot of bizarre things which you won't find in any other FPS - tell me, have you ever seen a dog-mode (you transform into an immortal dog), poisonous mushrooms or Excali-bat in any other game? Rise of the Triad (or simply ROTT) has many bonuses, i. e. Adrenaline Bonus for 100% kills and Supercharge Bonus for collecting all power-ups, and Bonus Bonus - for achieving every possible bonus.

Your weaponry mostly consists of various types of rocket launchers - heatseekers, drunk missiles and many more. You can also use pistols (holding one in each hand) and MP-40, both with infinite ammo, or mentioned earlier Excali-bat. Your enemies look like Nazi guards from Wolfenstein 3D, however now they can throw a web to fetter you or even pretend being dead!

Sounds are good, music is much better than soundtrack in Wolf 3D, and multiplayer is outstanding - it has more gameplay types than Doom. There's even Capture the Flag (it's called here "Capture the Triad")! Keep in mind that it was few years before releasing a CTF mod for Quake.

The Bad

The engine - it's the same engine used in Wolfenstein 3D. It's modified, however flaws from Wolf 3D still exist in ROTT:
  • maps are one-leveled (it's partially solved by anti-gravity pads);
  • some of them are enormous mazes;
  • they aren't so realistic as Doom levels;
  • forget about floors and ceilings which differ in different rooms. Floor, celling, level height and brightness change only when you progress to next level.

The Bottom Line

Well, ROTT has a lot of interesting features and lousy engine. However, it's still fun to play this game, just forget about engine issues and don't take this game seriously ;)

atari breakout