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atari missile command
ESRB Rating

Business Model Attribute Image Shareware
Minimum CPU Class Required Attribute Image Intel i386 DX
Minimum OS Class Required Attribute Image PC/MS-DOS 5.0
Minimum RAM Required Attribute Image 4 MB
Media Type Attribute Image CD-ROM, Attribute Image Download
Minimum CD-ROM Drive Speed Required Attribute Image 1X (150 KB/s)
Video Modes Supported VGA
Screen Orientation Attribute Image Landscape
Video Resolutions Supported Attribute Image 320×200
Color Depth Attribute Image 8-bit (256 colors)
Sound Devices Supported Adlib, Adlib Gold, Disney Sound Source, Ensoniq Soundscape, General MIDI, Gravis Ultrasound / ACE, PC Speaker, Pro Audio Spectrum, Roland Sound Canvas, Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster 16, Sound Blaster AWE32, Sound Blaster Pro, Tandy DAC (TL/SL)
Input Devices Supported Gravis Gamepad, Attribute Image Joystick, Attribute Image Keyboard, Attribute Image Mouse
Controller Types Supported Analog Joystick
Multiplayer Options IPX, Modem, Null-modem cable
Multiplayer Game Modes Attribute Image Free-for-all / One-on-one (VS), Attribute Image Team
Number of Offline Players 8+ Players
Number of Online Players Attribute Image 2 Players
Save Game Methods Attribute Image Internal Storage, Attribute Image Manual Save
Notes Sound Devices Supported also: Sound Man 16, Wave Blaster
Input Devices Supported also: Spaceball, Cyberman
20 MB free HD space

Up to 11 players via IPX network, 2 over Modem/Null-modem.

Technical information contributed by Matt Dabrowski (222), Xoleras (66455), lights out party (61786), gamer p (17) and formercontrib (158029)
atari gravitar