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Rise of the Triad: The HUNT Begins Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

You can only pick Taradino Cassatt in the shareware version.
Ooh, title drop!
The starting area of the first level.
Moving lava columns can be used strategically to dispatch enemies without wasting ammo. Guns have unlimited ammo, but getting a certain bonus requires that the player not use them.
Strike Team enemies appear rather late in Dark War, but in The HUNT Begins the player encounters them already in the first level.
Breakable glass is one of the features introduced in Rise of the Triad.
Some of the traps and enemies in the game.
The Drunk Missile weapon launches a salvo of missiles that cover a wide area, which is useful against groups of enemies.
A close-up of the Strike Team member.
The overhead map displays not only level geography, but also items and enemies.
The healing basin will replenish a random amount of health. When emptied, the basin can be destroyed, like many other objects in the game.
Rise of the Triad has a variety of bonuses to be acquired during level completion. Some require specific player behaviour, like not using certain weapons or destroying useful items.
What kind of first-person shooter would Rise of the Triad be without destructible barrels?
The Mercury Mode powerup allows the player to fly around freely.
Typical Rise of the Triad architectural style with elevations made of Gravitational Anomaly Disks (GADs).
In some areas the player needs to find a gas mask for protection against poisonous gas traps.
Spinblades are yet another of the many traps in the game.
An indoor level.
A neat screen-saver that starts to play some time after the game is paused. Rise of the Triad is full of such details here and there.
The halls of the Oscurido fortress.
Ordering information, page 1.
Registered version previews.
Rise of the Triad pioneered adjustable violence levels and a parental control system (locking violence settings with a password).
The built-in jukebox, available through the use of a cheat code, allows to select any tune to play in the current level.
Multiplayer Comm-Bat mode games can be customized with a variety of settings, from player hit points and movement speed to lighting, gravity and threat from hazards.
Unlike many contemporary first-person shooters, Rise of the Triad shipped with a separate set of levels specifically intended for multiplayer games.
Player colour selection screen.
In the non-violent Collector mode, the goal is to acquire a set amount of "triads" faster than the other players.
Christmas Easter egg: Taradino Cassatt wearing Santa's hat on the level loading screen.