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Roberta Williams' King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride Credits

40 people (33 developers, 7 thanks)


DesignLorelei Shannon, Roberta Williams
Lead ProgrammingOliver Brelsford, Tom DeSalvo
ProgrammingDavid Artis, Vana Baker, Arijit De, Juan Carlos Escobar, Robert W. Lindsley, Michael Litton, Randy MacNeill, Sean Mooney, Kevin L. Ray, Jerry Shaw, Henry Yu
3D ModellingJon Bock, Richard Powell, Donald Waller
MusicNeal Grandstaff, Dan Kehler, Mark Seibert, Jay D. Usher
SoundNeal Grandstaff, Kelli Spurgeon, Richard Spurgeon, Jay D. Usher
Art DirectorAndy Hoyos
DocumentationLori Lucia
ProducerMark Seibert
DirectorAndy Hoyos, Lorelei Shannon, Roberta Williams
Writing / Dialogue / StoryLorelei Shannon
Quality AssuranceDanny A. Woolard
Acting / VoiceoversCarol Bach-y-Rita, Denny Delk, Roger Labon Jackson, Ruth Kobart, Maureen McVerry, Jesse Moises
Special Thanks ToTammy Dargan, Casey Jones, Robin Kleeman, Al Lowe, Mie Salerno, Mat Solomom, Joni Williamson

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Credits for this game were contributed by Trixter (9110) and Benjamin Tucker (299)