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Roberta Williams' King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
The intro movie looks like that - displayed in a small rectangle. Looks like there is no way to make it bigger...
The game is divided into chapters; each begins with such a screen
Each chapter begins with a cutscene. Note the nice animation as Her Majesty's dress is caught in a thorny cactus
Wow, look at that, what a statue. And look at the "smart cursor" - highlighted when you can interact with something. Disappointing interface, indeed
Looking down into the well
You can still die in this game - like here, if you don't do a certain thing very quickly. The game will let you try again right away, though - no need to restore
Rosella's story begins in Chapter Two. She has been transformed into a troll!..
Poor Rosella! She has to live among the trolls now...
Close-up on a troll king portrait. Probably this is considered handsome
Rosella falls to her death, failing to jump over those little pillars
Close-up on an item. You can rotate items, too
No King's Quest is complete without a huge, endlessly stretching desert
Whoa... hold on a second, let me figure out what to do...
...Nope, whatever I tried didn't work. All you get is a plain acknowledgment of your death. Where are those funny Sierra death messages?..
Rosella is human again!
The graveyard - one of the game's most atmospheric locations
Close-up on a strange door
What are those weird, spooky symbols?..
Nice statues! And who is that dark figure over there?..
Beautiful enhanced forest conveys a sad atmosphere
Every dialogue is shown as a short animated cutscene
You visit the house of a very strange character
No King's Quest is complete without creatures suddenly appearing in front of you and leading to Game Over if you don't do something very fast
Banquet? Birthday party? No, the queen is accused of a crime in the town hall!
Finally, civilization! Hurray! Where is the nearest Starbucks?..
The interior of one of the city shops. The seller looks... bovine
Another day, another shop - look how much stuff he is selling! Check out the rubber chickens on the wall
The queen is hopping over stones in a lovely forest
No King's Quest is complete without a beautiful forest with a few similarly-looking street
The whole game is very Disney-like; this shot can serve as a good illustration!
More forest strolls, more art. Hmm, what is that... spot?
Of course. If the forest gets darker it can only mean I'll soon be mauled by another creature very soon
We are nearing the finale of the game. Rosella, what are you going to do?..
A dramatic situation if I've ever seen one
The game has been described as "girly". This screenshot can help us understand why