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Roberta Williams' Phantasmagoria Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
"About" option from main menu
The beginning of the intro -- things are peaceful
The sheer terror further into the intro
Chapter 1 opening movie
Exploring in the kitchen
The banquet hall
Some rooms have weird viewing angles. One of the many animations in the game: turning on the lights
Some objects allow you to look at them more closely. Usually, this leads to a rather uneventful animation and no text feedback
Walking the grounds around the castle
Some of the scenery here is almost surreal. The place's opulence is not exactly realistic
Approaching the front door of the castle
A fortune teller machine in the front room of the castle
I bet this fortune teller machine doesn't get much repeat business
Exploring upstairs
Every chapter starts with a video sequence. Here, you see real objects...
...and here is the same location with in-game pre-rendered images
Such close-ups usually lead to a lone object you can interact with - in this case, the money
Close-up on a painting. The heroine herself looks somehow hand-painted in this image...
The bathroom is tacky - like most of the rooms in this mansion
Lying on a sofa. Aren't you feeling uncomfortable here, young lady?..
Driving into town
Exploring the town. There are a few people here and there - and most of them aren't interactive
One of the shops in the town. The graphics are very detailed indeed
Laying down in the bed only to be subjected to a nightmare sequence
Time to eat
What is that?
Marie's letter
Good dog!
Hidden altar
She freed the evil ....
Memories ... this place killed them
Theater scene with deadly machines
You can die in the game only during the final chapter. There, however, deadly situations are quite numerous