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Rocket Ranger Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The Premise
The science guy... But he's not Bill Nye.
Title Screen
Home Base
Tracking the zepplin
Attacking the zepplin
Dr. Barnstorf and daughter
A spy reports back
Attacking the luftwaffe
WOAH! Where did all of this cool stuff come from?!
The war room map.
The rocket lab.
What do you do next?
HELP ME! I'm falling from the sky!
Knocked out the guard. Now onto the rocket part in the crate!
Sending an SOS signal.
UH OH! It looks like Nazi's are in the White House!
Rocket Ranger away!
Can't these Nazis find better things to do than to torture pretty girls all the time?
Tied up to face Nazi questioning.
The Nazi Zeppelin. (CGA)
Tracking the zeppelin with your wrist computer. (CGA)
Above the waves... (CGA)
The Doc and his daughter. (CGA)
Nazi Jungle Base.
Flying over the desert to get to the lunarium base.
Collect all 5 Nazi rocket parts and now I have a complete ship in the rocket lab.
Taking off from earth to fly to the Nazi base on the moon.
Beating Neil Armstrong by a couple of years.
Arriving at the Nazi moon base.
Nazi mine on the moon. It's guarded my Amazonian guards.
The game tricks you into thinking you've won... But it's not over yet. There are still some aliens to bust.