Written by  :  wampyrii (9)
Written on  :  Jun 08, 2002
Platform  :  DOS

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The Good

HAHAHAHA!!!! Ahem, sorry, I was just reliving some of the very funny moments in this game. You see, Sam & Max Hit The Road has to be one of the funniest, most oddball adventure games ever released on the PC platform. You play Sam AND Max on a roadtrip across America, stopping off at some of the weird roadside attractions such as the world's largest ball of twine attraction - you know the kind of thing on Route 66...well you do now!

The puzzles here are completely off the wall and the difficulty level is high. This will count as a 'con' as opposed to a 'pro' for some people but i like it - I love a challenge and this certainly provided one. The weird humour continues on into the puzzles themselves as well, so you have to tune yourself in or you'll not stand a chance here!

Graphically its looking a little on the dated side these days, very cartoonish though and cartoon graphics never really grow TOO old, but be aware its not top quality artwork boys and girls! you also need to ensure you find the CD-ROM version or you'll lose out on sound effect on te floppy disk version - which sucks.

Its difficult to say WHY you'd love this - you just WILL. Its a simply hilarious game, very irreverant and not afraid of poking fun at some icons along the way. A few of these are American 'celebrities' who other countries will have no clue about(trust me, I'm a Brit and they passed over my head until they were explained!), but they're still funny. To play this is to love it - 'nuff said(and its cheap ;o)

The Bad

Ermmm...I'll say it again - I LOVE THIS GAME! But in the interests of objectivity, here's some reasons why you might not:

Too tough: some of the puzzles are ridiculously obscure and some STILL make no sense to me once they have been solved. You will almost certainly find yourself stuck struggling to find a solution which is ultimately impossible by any other means than trial and error...an then still expect to be stuck! f you hate turning to walkthroughs or get frustrated easily then this is NOT the game for you.

Dated: As I said, its looking a little on the old side now, but I think the cartoon graphics mean its not going to age that greatly.

That's Disgusting! : yes it is, sometimes, certainly irreverant most of the time, so if you are easily offended then this isn't for you. Its not bad enough to gain a certification, but if you're particularly protective of your young'uns then you might like to steer clear of this title

The Bottom Line

Simply the funniest game I've played(aside from the Monkey Island series) and well worth a purchase if you can find a copy...