Written by  :  pottyboy (73)
Written on  :  Nov 06, 2004
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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So funny I nearly blew my head off!

The Good

You thought that Day Of The Tentacle was good? Then check this out! Out of every LucasArts game every made, this is without a doubt the funniest game they've ever made! Max (the rabbit) says "Mind if I drive?" and Sam (the dog) replies "Not if you mind me clawing at the dashboard and shrieking like a cheerleader."! It's funny things like that that made "Sam and Max Hit The Road" such a big hit!

Thanks to the VERY twisted humour, the game has a lot of replay value. It's also worth coming back for the puzzles which, unlike most adventure games, are well balanced in terms of difficulty.

The interface is very original and easy to use. Although different to many other LucasArts games, it does allow you to see more of the action. You just continue right-clicking until the icon represents the action you wanna do, and then left click on a person, item etc and see what happens! Easy!

The graphics are bright, crisp and colourful. The characters are well animated, and there's even some solid 3D graphics - A revolution back in 1993! The sound effects fit in with the action very well, and the music is also very cool and jazzy!

Without a doubt, the CD-ROM talkie version is the best version of the game. The in-game speech allows you to understand the characters better than the floppy version. The floppy version only had speech during the intro.

The Bad

The many mini-games included with this title are too simple to hold much interest. The highway game is a real bore, jumping over signs until the day you die!

The Bottom Line

If you ever have the opportunity to buy this game, then don't just stand there looking at it! Buy it! You can also run the game through this fantastic emulator (highly recommended!):