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S.D.I. Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Washington sends an urgent message
Your main command center
A status update from your second in command
Issuing orders
Defense satellite status (two are damaged)
World map (Note swarm of fighters)
Blast those renegade Russians out of space!
Docking with a space station
An update from your Russian counterpart
Washington receives a status report
The evil Russian commander looks on as his fleet of space fighters take off.
Running into the space station.
Repairing a damaged satellite.
Docked at the US space station. You can enter the station, take off, or repair you ship.
The map of Russia.
Victor Aliyev, head of the Russian rebels.
Take out a missile with the S. D. I.
The Kremlin.
Preparing to enter the Russian space station...
Laser battle with KGB troops aboard the Russian space station.
Running the halls of the Russian space station.
Rescuing Natalya...
Kissing Natalya.