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Sea School Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The game can be used for multiple pupils so it starts, as any school day should start, with registration
The title screen
Here the pupil, or teacher, selects the area of study from the three available volumes
Each volume in the trilogy loads as though it is a game in its own right and has its own title screen
The game menu within Volume One: Maths waves. The upper left cell contains game instructions and things like volume control for music and sound effects
The first game is Waves. Like all games the pupil is clearly told what to do, assuming they can read that is
Waves - A counting game where items such as fish and shells are washed ashore. The pupil counts them and then selects the correct number from those offered.
At the end of each mini game there is a reward screen. Coins won fall into the treasure chest and then there's a firework display
Earning coins is how the player advances in rank. Being a sea shrimp may not seem like much but to some little sprog it means a great deal
Sea Horses - A number sequencing game where the pupil selects the number one from a group of sea horses. That is placed on the sea floor and they must select number two from the next group and so on
Penguins - The player is presented with a simple addition sum, the answer will not exceed ten, and they must select the correct answer from among the numbers held by a group of penguins.
Ice Fishing - Here player is presented with a simple subtraction sum and they must select the correct answer from a series of fishing holes.
Sand Brushing - In the sand are is a set of five numbered outlines. The player selects the correct number from the bottom of the screen and then brushes the outline to reveal the hidden object
The shareware release contains only volume one and an advertisement for volumes two and three