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Season of the Sakura DOS Main Menu


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Written by  :  Indra was here (20862)
Written on  :  May 05, 2004
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars

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Egad! A hentai game with a storyline!

The Good

...and I was just looking for the dirty pictures...hahaha.

Well, I got more than I bargained for. Finally got Seasons of Sakura running on a emulator and it was dang worth it. The story starts slow...(ie. no one naked yet), gathering the plot on who's who in your life as the hero.

I feel whoever made this story was definitely a romantic (and a pervert) which makes the storywriter a male breed...hahaha, but seriously, for "just" a hentai game, this has a beautifully written story, where you actually take the time and effort to read the lines instead of "speed-clicking" the game due to standard boring hentai storylines.

Seasons of Sakura is a Love odd but familiar one at that. You are the perfect guy, surrounded by 8 beautiful women...which one will be your love of your life? Ah...a klise for any young boy growing up, but it still gets you every time.

As I said, the story starts slow, introducing yourself to the family: your pervert father, over-aggressive but loving mother, and your life at school...from beginning to end. Yes, in a time frame this is a long story indeed...telling the story of a boy becoming a man...maybe a lot of people will relate to this plot...I know I did.

Funny, but in this odd hentai game, you don't treat the female species as objects of lust. There aren't any "surprise" events of xxx scenes for the perversive eye. All the females in this game are your friends...close school friends where you grow to bond with them, care for them, have the urge to protect them...sometimes like in real-life. You started as friends and somewhere inside you, you'd like to keep it that way...but unfortunately, nature, biology and chemistry gets in the way of the "ideal" relationship, and you develop feelings for them and them for you. The character itself does not dictate which one you "should" go for, this itself is up to your personal taste and experience in knowing all the girls one by one.

This is a love story, and strangely enough, also became a story about friends. The "Seasons of Sakura" title, in a romantic way tells about the times you the hero and his class friends (and family) got to know each other and bonded throughout their school years. The Season of Sakura refers to a certain party during the Sakura Season, where everyone has a good time, gets drunk (due to their alcoholic but fun teacher), act stupid, but it is essentially the joy of youth that will forever be transformed to a smile in the back of your head. Somewhere along the way, you forget this is a game...and remember it as a story.

The Bad

As always, not 100% of the lines are that good a story, which makes you revert to "speed-clicking". Though "if" I was a hentai pervert, I maybe a little disappointed since the "action" isn't as fast occuring compared to other hentai games. Since I'm not *ehem*, I'm not complaining :)

I do recall incapable of saving this dang game...or was it another game? Hmm...yeah it's this one. Since I couldn't save the game, I only found out one ending, since I couldn't re-load to find out the other ending...didn't have enough patience to restart the game either. Oh, well.

The Bottom Line

A story about love, passion, friendship, growing up and making choices in life. Stop by and watch the Sakura flowers bloom...