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atari mania
Written by  :  sfdf (7)
Written on  :  Feb 03, 2004
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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One of the greatest adventure games of all time! Bar None!

The Good

The game which has defined it's own niche in adventure gaming history! Everything from the comedies, music, graphics(for that time; but I still love the graphics), adventure elements, atmosphere, dialogues, interaction, and even the facial expressions are outstanding! The music though sounds best with an MT-32 or using MT-32 emulation, nonetheless is still great through the ordinary SB/AdLib mode sounds and it captivates you right from the beginning. I still hum the tunes now and then, after all these years! It's that good! As for the graphics, it was great for that time, even in the original 16-colour mode version. The newer 256-colour VGA mode enhances everything. As you might have already know, the swordfight sequence is one of a kind, using insults to win. Each and every locations are very memorable. Everywhere, it's lively and colorful. All the characters have their own way of conveying their humorous dialogues. The facial expressions they show are astounding. I first played this game in my 286. Even now, it plays well in the latest machines well. Too bad other people couldn't make a game like this anymore, since all are too busy jumping into the hi-tech, eye-catching graphics band-wagon where there is deficit of good gameplay. This game has captivated me before with it's 16 and/or 256 colour modes and AdLib/Mt-32 sound modes and STILL captivates me!

The Bad

I liked every aspect of this game except for the single occasion where you have to learn the insults by trial and error till you complete your 'set' of insults so that you have all the 'required' answers. But, this game is so good that you want to forgive any shortcomings you come across. And I did! Nothing to complain about. :)

The Bottom Line

Hmmm....I guess those who have this game are already die-hard fans like me. So you guys know how GREAT this game is!! As for any new comers, if you like playing adventure games, DON'T EVER miss this game! You miss this, and you miss an important part of your life! Play this and be awed! You'll be converted to a fan of MI series on the spot! :)

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