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Written by  :  Raphael (1261)
Written on  :  Sep 25, 1999
Rating  :  4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars

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The ultimate WWII air combat simulator

The Good

Where to begin? It had incredible graphics (for its time), all those wickedly awesome German experimental planes (I LOVE the Komet!), and even more historical information! Even though WWII air combat games have been made since SWOTL came out that featured fancy 3D graphics and speech and other stuff, this game still is rules. No other game has represented the variety of experimental WWII planes that SWOTL does like the DO 335, Me163, He 162, and P80.

The campaigns were fun too! It was challenging to try to keep your levels above minimum (if you were playing the Germans), or to somehow bomb the 3rd Reich into the stone age. I usually used my trusty P-47 and just blasted buildings with those 8 Colt-Browning .50 cal machine guns rather than the B-17. ;)

The attention to detail was awesome. From the speed brakes on the P80 to the oil on the windshield to the accurate representation of weapons like the Jagdfaust, this game just blew me away.

The Bad

I guess this is similar to my BattleHawk's 1942 complaint... I wish the game could have featured more planes in the air, even more types of planes (the Germans were working on some really wild stuff in the final months of the war), and one thing that several other people have told me they wanted to see: Italian and Russian planes. And where were the English planes?? All they needed to do was make a few updates to the old BOB:TFH RAF planes and add 'em. :) What about other types of US bombers like the B-24 and 26?

I realize that at the time it came out that would have made the program really big and probably not many people could have run it with the computers back then, but if they had continued to release new planes I'm sure they'd still be bought. I know I would have updated! :)

The Bottom Line

If you ever have a chance to play or buy this game, do it. You will love it.