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Sentinel Worlds I: Future Magic Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen (EGA)
Your crew (EGA)
Beginning a new game (EGA)
Under attack (EGA)
Create your character
Viewing the profile of one of your characters
Story introduction
Federation StarCrew Command System
You are near a planet - you can choose to orbit it
You are entering hyperspace
Armory menu
Miner's Guild. Get your money here for minerals
Orbiting the planet Norjaenn
A peaceful town on Norjaenn. No hostiles here
Wilderness area on Norjaenn. Note the changing scenery with descriptions
Relaxing in a bar on Norjaenn
Indoor locations look all too similar, unfortunately. Still, here you can see different graphics in the lower left corner
You face a bear on the planet Caldorre!
One of the huge towers on Caldorre
Talking to a key character in a secluded hut - advancing the plot with this dialogue
This is a dark area with volcanoes
You fight fearsome tigers in your tank on the planet Ceyavik
A town on Ceyavik. You meet a friendly seal!